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Christian Marriage Counselors in Sun Lakes Az

Hope Relentless is one of the highest-reviewed Christian marriage counseling services in Arizona. Work with one of our counselors near you for relevant, encouraging, & biblically-based relationship advice. Your marriage is worth it. Hope Relentless combines encouragement and transformative relationship skills to help couples overcome their relationship challenges.

  • FREE 1st Session. After the first session, discuss affordable options for continued Christian Marriage Counseling
  • Faith-Based Advice – Professional Christian Counselor with experience and education in psychology and ministry.
  • Christian Counselors discuss what the Bible teaches about marriage, family, and parenting.
  • Master’s in Marriage & Family Therapy from a Christian University

Biblical Wisdom for your Marriage | Christian Relationship Counseling

Christian relationships often struggle to receive timely guidance. Hope Relentless helps couples experience significant breakthroughs leading to improved communication, increased trust, new levels of intimacy, improved sex, and a solid foundation you can build a family legacy on.

The Bible is filled with advice for our everyday lives & Christian counseling reviews what scripture has to say about relationships and how these ideas can bring strength & security to your marriage relationship. As we apply faith-based principles to our lives we will discover a personal relationship with God and a deeper more meaningful connection with our spouse.

FREE Consultation with a Christian Marriage Counselor in Sun Lakes Arizona

Hope Relentless offers a free Christian marriage counseling session.  This allows you to experience what it is like to work with Hope Relentless.  Investing in your marriage relationship is important.  In fact, Barna Group research shows that married couples that intentionally invest in their relationship experience deeper levels of marital relationship satisfaction. Start working with a professional Christian marriage counselor today.

We work with Christian marriages all over Arizona.

Here are some of the cities in addition to Sun Lakes where we have helped Christian marriages: Sweetwater, Chandler, Crestview, Tiburon, Orangetree, San Carlos, Bridgeport, Gilbert, Woodcreek, Guadalupe

What is Christian Marriage Counseling?

Christian marriage counseling is professional guidance for couples that want relationship advice from a Holy Bible-based perspective.

Hope Relentless is excited to provide Christian marriage counseling services in Sun Lakes Arizona. As a Christian counselor, Sarah-Gayle Galbreath has more than 15 years of experience counseling marriages in Christian environments. Sarah-Gayle earned her Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University, a private Christian University based in Southern California.

Hope Relentless understands that working to keep your marriage healthy can be challenging, especially with the added stressors of work, family, in laws, & everyday life. That is why we are here to help. Our goal is to equip you with the tools and resources you need to create a healthy relationship that will last a lifetime.

One of Sarah-Gayle’s sayings is “As long as we have breath there is Hope.” This quote captures her heart and unwavering hope that any marriage willing to persevere, can experience reconciliation. The best seasons of a relationship can be in the future and not the past.

Sarah-Gayle Hope Relentless Marriage Counselor

Hope Relentless specializes in working alongside married couples who are struggling with communication skills, conflict resolution, intimacy, parenting, and financial pressure.

Our mental health is often closely connected to our most important relationships. When key relationships with our spouse and kids are healthy it plays a key contributor to our overall mental health.

As a Christian marriage counselor, Sarah-Gayle is committed to helping counsel people to grow closer to God & one another. She believes marriage is a sacred covenant between two people and that through faith, prayer, & perseverance any relationship can be saved.

If you are interested in learning more info about our Christian marriage counseling services or scheduling an appointment with Hope Relentless, please contact us today.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions & assist you with getting started on the journey to a stronger relationship. A marriage that is built on principles of faith, hope, and love.

Regardless of what obstacles or family issues you may be facing in your marriage, we want you to know that you are not alone and help is available. You are not alone. Our Christian counselors are available to support you and your significant other with the tools and resources you need to overcome the difficulties you are facing. We look forward to helping you strengthen your relationship & grow closer to God.

Benefits of Christian Relationship Counseling

What to Expect During Christian Couples Counseling Sun Lakes Arizona

Here are the major areas of growth that will take place during Christian marriage counseling.


– Commitment to Open & Honest Communication

A valuable skill you can have for your marriage is to communicate with one another openly and honestly. This includes being able to discuss both the good and the bad in your relationship.

Healthy communication includes being able to listen to your spouse’s perspective, even if you do not agree. Communication skills are equal parts learning to share & learning to listen. When you are willing to have these kinds of honest conversations, it is easier to work through challenging issues & grow closer as a couple.

Love & Affection

-Show Love & Affection

It is easy to take your spouse for granted, especially when you have been together for a significant amount of time. But it is important to remember that showing one another love & affection is an important part of keeping your relationship vibrant.

Whether communicating with your spouse about how much you appreciate them or being present. For example, taking time to cuddle on the couch. Small displays of affection can make a huge impact on the health of your relationship.

When counseling couples it has become clear that affection can be displayed and received in numerous ways. It’s important for both individuals to understand & act in agreement with how their spouse feels love & affection.

If you do not know how your spouse experiences love and affection then get busy asking questions and learning about your spouse. Consider it an adventure and a challenge. Your spouse is worth it and your marriage is worth it.

Also, keep in mind that your spouse can change. What your spouse may have enjoyed when they were younger may have changed over time. The key is to keep the conversation going, and share regularly.

Quality Time

-Spend Time Together (Just the Two of You)

In today’s world, we are busy and oftentimes preoccupied. It is easy to put on the back burner your marriage relationship in favor of work, family, exercise, or even hobbies. If you want your relationship to thrive, it is crucial to schedule time for each other on a consistent basis.

This means scheduling every week or month; to take walks, grab a coffee, enjoy a glass of wine, pray together, or play a game. When you prioritize spending time together as a couple, it sends the message that your relationship is important. If you have kids, this is a powerful and important lesson to teach your kids. The Bible speaks about the commitment of marriage. Kids feel loved and safe when they know mom & dad love one another.

Date nights communicate to your spouse that they are important to you. That marriage is a priority in your life. Part of marriage counseling is finding a rhythm that will allow for consistent time together.

Planning regular date nights is a strategy that many couples have found to help them be successful. This regular time together can become a building block in their schedule. Date nights do not have to be complicated or expensive to be impactful.

Couples have often communicated it is less about the money that went into planning time together and more about the thought, creativity, and attention to detail that played key roles in memorable date nights. Also the power of date night cumulates over time. The more consistent the date night the greater impact it seems to have.

A mentor and happily married man once said that date nights are like having marriage insurance. It is the key policy that keeps the marriage from going bad.

Personal Growth

-Invest in Your Own Personal Growth

Two healthy individuals have a better chance of creating a healthy marriage. The opposite is also true. It is incredibly difficult for two unhealthy individuals to build a healthy relationship. In this case, the word “healthy” has a broad definition. This includes the overall wholeness of each person. This can be physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health all of which play a significant part in the definition of the word “healthy”.

By investing in your own personal health, you can directly impact the overall health of your marriage. When a person experiences breakthrough healing in a key area of their life it has a positive impact on other relationships, especially a marriage. When working with couples, there can be significant growth when both individuals feel the freedom and encouragement|encouragemen to invest in their own health. It is important. Sometimes being “selfish” is exactly what a relationship needs. Healthier individuals experience healthier relationships.


-Pray Together Daily

One of the most impactful routines a Christian couple can do is consistently pray together. Prayer invites God into a relationship. Studies show that marriages that pray together are quicker to forgive, extend each other grace, demonstrate more patience, and experience increased marital satisfaction.

The more consistently a couple prays together the more connected they often feel. Daily pray supports couples in recognizing when something is off much sooner. This allows couples to discuss an issue before it becomes a larger more challenging issue to address. Scripture discusses how impactful confessing and sharing with other believers can be. When spouses pray together they often get insight into each other’s days in a way that they otherwise would not know about.

When a spouse asks God for wisdom or guidance in a particular situation, it lets the other spouse know what is on their mind. Don’t worry about being perfect. Life happens and sometimes we can miss praying together. Let praying together be a guide and not a law. If you can make praying together more the norm you will experience the benefit of this spiritual practice. Together we can love God & love people.

Do you want a Thriving Christian Marriage?

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Christian Marriage Counseling Sun Lakes

If you want your Christian marriage to thrive, it takes effort and intentionality every day.

By following these five tips:

1. Communicating openly with each other.
2. Showing love and affection.
3. Spending quality time together
4. Investing in personal growth
5. Praying together

You can nurture a happy and healthy Christian marriage that will last a lifetime.

Our counseling process builds upon the principles of the Christian faith. When we know and love Jesus it helps us know and love our spouse.

Christian Marriage Counseling Services Sun Lakes Arizona

Hope Relentless is a Christian marriage counseling service in Sun Lakes Arizona. We provide confidential counseling services that can help you & your spouse work through any issue you may be facing. Our services are based on biblical wisdom and principles, and our counselors are highly trained professionals.

We offer a variety of counseling services, including premarital counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling. We also offer Christian life coaching, which can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Counseling from a Christian perspective maximizes the potential for relationships that have experienced trauma to complete the healing process. All of our counseling services are online counseling with the option for in-person counseling.

Our counselors are trained in biblical principles and have a deep understanding of Christian theology. This allows them to provide couples with sound advice that is rooted in scripture. In addition, our counselors are experienced in working with couples who are struggling with a wide range of issues.

Sun Lakes we have a professional counselor looking forward to working with you.

Krista Rados
Krista Rados
Sarah is amazing! The second I looked at her website I knew she was the one to help us. We’ve been married for 15 years and struggling with communication. If you are willing to put in the work, Sarah is the perfect person to guide you. She is teaching us how to communicate, how to HEAR each other, and most importantly how not to respond from a place of defensiveness. She is patient and supportive. There have been many times I have wanted to give up (creating change is hard) but her support and encouragement help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sarah is teaching us tools that not only help us, but tools that also help us in our communication/relationships with our kids! Our entire family dynamic is changing from our work with Sarah! I can’t recommend her enough!
Maya Renee
Maya Renee
Sarah-Gayle is wise, a direct communicator and good listener. She asks powerful questions that help you get to the truth of what's c in your heart. She will both affirm you and challenge you. An excellent coach and person to talk to!
Jairo Vanegas
Jairo Vanegas
We loved working with Sarah-Gayle! She is very personable and has a very positive upbeat personality. Sarah-Gayle is a great listener, provides excellent counseling and keeps you motivated through the whole process. It has been a great experience for us.
Melanie Vanegas
Melanie Vanegas
Sarah-Gayle is extremely professional and comes prepared to help guide your marriage with a Christian centered focus. She’s refreshingly positive and upbeat and is truly invested in strengthening and improving your relationship.
Chris Pettit
Chris Pettit
UNBELIEVABLE! Sarah-Gayle has a huge heart and so much knowledge around marriage and family support. So thankful for everything she has been able to do for our family, and our friends! Appreciate you lady! If you have not scheduled time with her - DO IT NOW! You will be BLOWN away at how incredible she is! Absolutely awesome!
Holly Decheney
Holly Decheney
Sarah-Gayle is amazing. She has honestly saved our marriage. My husband and I were stuck in this endless cycle. We came to her at the very end of our rope, calling it quits to the point divorce was the answer. With her help, my husband and I will be happily celebrating 13 years of marriage in June 2022. There is no way we could ever repay Sarah-Gayle for what she has done for us. In the future, whenever there is something we need guidance on, we know exactly who we will reach out to. We are so blessed to have been referred here.
Jocelyn Jackson Williams
Jocelyn Jackson Williams
I have known Sarah-Gayle for over 15 years and have witnessed her dedication to her own family first hand. She is kind, thoughtful, And empathetic. One thing that is very important to me is that care providers are personable and not clinical. You can count on Sarah-Gayle to not only provide expertise but to do so in a very relatable way. Your precious heart will be safe with her.
Ben Vian
Ben Vian
Sarah-Gayle is an authentic coach! She asked insightful questions that really get to the heart of the matter. She wants your marriage to win and does what she can to encourage you. The best thing Sarah-Gayle did for us was remind us that growing closer to God helps us grow closer to each other.
Jess Carey
Jess Carey
Sarahgayle is one of the most observant and thoughtful marriage coaches. She is helpful, insightful, and gives practical steps to improve your relationship. If you are doing great in marriage or struggling she can help.
Paul Brunoforte
Paul Brunoforte
Sarah-Gayle Galbreath is a very caring, compassionate person who truly wants to help people. She lives what she teaches and I feel she would do a fabulous job as a coach.
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